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SFN Banks - Form Name Attributes Fillable
  2148 Annual Meeting of Stockholders 234kb .pdf Y
  2150 Annual Report of Examining Committee 474kb .pdf Y
50788 Application to Establish a Facility 627kb .pdf Y
50470 Application to Establish a State-chartered Bank Trust Branch 539kb .pdf Y
18857 Application to Move Main Office or Facility 843kb .pdf Y
19433 Dividend Worksheet 178kb .pdf Y
58679 Extension Request - Other Real Estate Owned 398kb .pdf Y
  2149 List of Stockholders 444kb .pdf Y
19249 Loan Production Office Application 259kb .pdf Y
50950 Modified Application to Establish a Facility 405kb .pdf Y
  2147 Oath of Bank Director 212kb .pdf Y
  2146 Oath of Bank Officer 195kb .pdf Y
  2145 Oath of Trust Director 212kb .pdf Y
  2144 Oath of Trust Officer 195kb .pdf Y
  Loan Production Office Application Package (includes SFN 19249 and NDAC 13-02-15) 153kb .zip  
SFN Trust Companies - Form Name Attributes Fillable
53086 Application to Establish a Branch or Operating Subsidiary 585kb .pdf Y
60238 Quarterly Trust Officer's Questionnaire 144kb .pdf Y
  2166 Trust Company Application 1.94mb .pdf Y