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The North Dakota State Auditor’s Office has revealed its first-ever Stewardship Award. This award celebrates excellence in auditing and is given to entities the State Auditor’s Office has worked with conducting audits. The first award recipient for this recognition is the City of Devils Lake.

“When we conduct audits that come back with no areas of concern, and entities that have been managed in an exceptional manner, that is cause for recognition and celebration.” Said State Auditor Gallion. “This demonstrates accountability to citizens and shows that public officials are managing taxpayer dollars appropriately by making decisions that are in the best interest of their community.”

The criteria for the award includes no significant deficiencies that are identified, no ethical or financial concerns, and a strong commitment to serving the taxpayers of North Dakota.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with City of Devils Lake’s auditor, Linda Lybeck for over a decade,” said Audit Manager Heath Erickson. “While challenges arise in any organization, their commitment to excellence is an example for entities across the state to follow.”

The complete audit report for the City of Devils Lake can be found on our website, https://bit.ly/DevilsLakeAudit

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