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Members of the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) have elected an Executive Committee to serve from now until June 2024. North Dakota State Auditor Joshua Gallion was elected to serve on this national committee with a team of six other individuals from across the country. The election was held on June 8 at the NSAA Annual Conference in Hartford, Connecticut during a business meeting of the members.

The Executive Committee’s responsibilities include developing and reviewing all training for the association, as well as establishing policies and procedures.

The NSAA is an organization dedicated to improving state government by providing opportunities for exchanging information and ideas and promoting accountability, transparency, and adherence of professional audit standards.

“We have an exceptional opportunity through this committee to collaborate and improve government accountability across the nation,” said current President of NSAA April Renfro. “The experience and dedication that this team brings to the group will help advance the auditing profession as a whole.”

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