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The North Dakota State Auditor’s Office has launched The Office of Good Government. The primary purpose of the office will be to provide another avenue of education and outreach to help local governments across North Dakota run smoothly. 

During the 68th Legislative Assembly, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 2004.  The bill allowed the Auditor’s Office to hire a Training and Education Coordinator to serve as a primary point of contact for local government accounting related questions. This office will also:

  • Provide training to local government on completing their annual financial reports,
  • Answer technical questions related to preparing financials,
  • Provide updates to local governments on changing accounting standards or laws that will affect them,
  • Create resources to help local governments improve internal controls, procurement practices, financial reporting and more. 

The Office of Good Government, under the direction of the State Auditor’s Office, will primarily serve local governments that receive less than $2,000,000 in annual revenues. These are local governments, or political subdivisions, like small cities, park districts, water resource districts, soil conversation districts, and many more. For the full list, see N.D.C.C. 54-10-13. 

The outreach provided through this initiative is free of charge for appointments over the phone, in person, or online. To schedule an appointment, e-mail ndsao@nd.gov or call 701-328-2241.


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