North Dakota Lottery Audit Released

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The Lottery Division of the Office of Attorney General is accounted for as an enterprise fund that reports all income, expense, assets, and liabilities using the accrual basis of accounting, similar to a private business entity. In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, this report consists of three financial statements and explanatory notes. The financial statements include 1) Statement of Net Position; 2) Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position; and 3) Statement of Cash Flows. The financial statements highlight the Lottery's operating activity and provide a snapshot of its financial condition.

For the fiscal year 2019 the Lottery plans to:

  • Add a new online game that will complement the Lottery’s product mix;
  • Increase awareness and usage of the Players Club Mobile Application;
  • Increase Pick & Click online play sales;
  • Build membership in the Players Club that rewards players for their continued loyalty;
  • Conduct player research;
  • Continue to develop and conduct innovative marketing promotions and public awareness campaigns; and
  • Continue to review and enhance security policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and fairness of its operation.
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