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The State Auditor’s Office has identified ten separate areas of concern in Mountrail County. The findings include budgeted interim fund balances that exceed the amount allowed by state law by $17.6 million. Additionally, there were concerns over estimated cash documentation in the annual budget, and failure to submit proper reports to the Tax Department.

Other areas of concern included misclassification of revenue, capital assets not listed accurately, and untimely property tax disbursements.

“Having debt-free, available cash balances in the excess of $176.8 million is not common and resulted in a thorough review of Mountrail County’s budget process,” said State Auditor Joshua Gallion. “We’re confident that the management of Mountrail County will review their current situation and respond in the best interest of the taxpayers.” 

The complete audit report can be found at: http://bit.ly/2019MountrailCounty.

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