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The State Auditor’s Office is partnering with communities across the state to provide resources for local government entities including cities, counties, and municipalities. One of the forms of outreach includes a County Budget Excel worksheet, which allows users to quickly see where resources are being allocated. This file will help alleviate errors during the budget process and help counties better meet financial goals.

“This worksheet is not only a tremendous timesaver, but it also should help mitigate errors in the budget process which can equate to literally millions of taxpayer dollars,” said Local Government Audit Manager, Heath Erickson. “This worksheet will be an excellent resource for all county auditors as they prepare for and plan their budgets.”

The Auditor’s Office presented in June to the North Dakota Association of Counties Auditors and Treasurers Meeting on the topic of local government audits. The Auditor’s Office is also speaking at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber Workforce Summit on Thursday, October 21.

“Our office believes fully in transparency and government accountability,” said State Auditor Joshua Gallion. “We want to provide the resources necessary that will help finance managers, board members, and staff in all levels of government make better-informed decisions.”

The County Budget Excel worksheet is available on the Auditor’s website at: