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An audit of the State Auditor’s Office has identified an opportunity for improvement. The Auditor’s Office internal review team identified an error prior to a routine external audit from Eide Bailly. The Auditor’s Office alerted the staff at Eide Bailly and implemented steps to correct the issue.

Salary in the amount of $54,862 was paid from the special fund rather than the general fund and human error caused part of one financial line item to be overlooked in the initial report sent to Eide Bailly.

“When our team identified this issue prior to the start of our audit, we alerted the staff at Eide Bailly. We had already taken steps to correct the issue once it was discovered,” shared State Auditor Joshua Gallion. “We appreciate the work from the staff at Eide Bailly. Even though this error was addressed as soon as it was discovered, we want to be completely transparent and open in all that we do.”

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