Rural Ambulance Service Districts


Local government entities must be audited or reviewed once every two years. Annual financial reports may be prepared in lieu of an audit under certain conditions. 


Ambulance Services:                                                                                 

Almont Ambulance Service                                                                        

Divide County Ambulance District                                                               

Fessenden Ambulance District

Garrison-Max Ambulance District

Hankinson Ambulance

Harvey Rural Ambulance

Hebron Ambulance Services

Lidgerwood Rural Ambulance District

McKenzie County Ambulance

Michigan Area Ambulance District

Oakes Volunteer Ambulance Service

Parshall Rural Ambulance District

Powers Lake Ambulance 

Regent Rural Ambulance

Renville County Rural Ambulance District

Richardton Taylor Ambulance Service

Riverdale Ambulance

Stanley Rural Ambulance Service District

Underwood Ambulance District

United Rural Ambulance District

Wilton Rural Ambulance District

Wing Rural Ambulance Service


Quick Response Units: 

Fingal Quick Response Unit

Galesburg Quick Response Unit