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The State Auditor’s Office is working with a contractor to conduct a network security assessment of information technology (IT) resources within the State of North Dakota.

The goal of this assessment is to evaluate the overall security of various IT networks and proactively identify any vulnerability before it could be exploited by a hacker. This process helps keep critical systems or sensitive data secure.

This assessment is conducted every two years with funding designated by the legislature. Some of the entities being reviewed include the North Dakota University System and the North Dakota Information Technology Department, which houses most of the state’s IT systems.

Two of the areas that will be looked at include the electronic election system and the unemployment insurance program.

“This assessment allows for the state to be proactive in its defense against cyber threats,” said State Auditor Joshua Gallion. “The different types of electronic resources stored across our state networks is incredibly sensitive, and it’s imperative that we take measures beforehand to support, enhance, and improve the efforts already in place.”

The anticipated completion date for this security assessment will be December of 2022.