2017 Science, College of

Agency: Science, College of Report Date: April 12, 2018
Type: Operational LAFRC Date: June 27, 2018
Issued By: State Auditor Period Ending: June 30, 2017






North Dakota State College of Science

Report Highlights

Internal Control

We found an area of internal control that could be improved related to monthly bank reconciliations. 

  • North Dakota State College of Science is not reconciling cash each month which can lead to errors or misappropriations not being detected timely.  The general ledger and financial statements may be misstated if a bank reconciliation is not done monthly. 

Source:  ConnectND Financials


TrainND was established to provide workforce training to the businesses and citizens of North Dakota.  The 1999 Legislature developed the program in four areas of the state.  The purpose and goals of TrainND are to boost the knowledge and skills of employees, businesses, and the area industries.  TrainND is provided with funding from the legislature, fees from participants, institutional funds and occasional grants. 

North Dakota State College of Science operates TrainND Southeast and provides customized training for corporations and organizations along with open-enrollment training for individuals. 


  • What are the TrainND performance measurements and how are they tracked?
  • What registration subsystem is utilized and how does the subsystem transfer to the general ledger?

We did not note any deficiencies that are required to be brought to the attention of those charged with governance.


Source:  NDUS Annual Enrollment Reports

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