2017 Emergency Preparedness at Dickinson State University

Agency: Dickinson State University Report Date: October 19, 2017
Type: Performance  LAFRC Date:  
Issued By: State Auditor Period Ending: October 19, 2017






Executive Summary:

Emergency operations and continuity of operations plans are essential elements of an
institution’s security policy. The purpose of our audit was to determine the nature and extent of
Dickinson State University’s policies and procedures regarding emergency preparedness.


We determined that DSU has developed an emergency operations plan. However, several
opportunities for improvement were identified regarding the development and
implementation of the plan.



  • Dickinson State University’s collaborative planning team lacks members from across the institution.
  • Dickinson State University lacks a formal emergency operations risk assessment process.
  • Dickinson State University lacks documented goals and objectives regarding emergency operations.
  • Dickinson State University lacks formal emergency training and plan exercise requirements. Dickinson State University is not enforcing its policy for periodically reviewing and revising the plan.
  • Dickinson State University lacks a continuity of operations plan.


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