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The Commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions has revoked the money transmitter license of BAM Trading Services, Inc. doing business as Binace.US.  Money transmission activity includes receiving money or crypto currency to send to a location within or outside the United States on another person’s behalf. To lawfully engage in the business of money transmission, a license is required under North Dakota Century Code Chapter 13-09.1.  

The Commissioner has found that BAM Trading Services, Inc. has failed to comply with North Dakota laws. Additionally, majority beneficial owner and control person, Changpeng Zhao, has plead guilty to felony charges for violating the U.S. anti-money laundering laws. 

North Dakota joins Alaska, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, and Oregon who have taken similar actions to revoke or deny the renewal of BAM Trading Services’ Money Transmission License.  A copy of the order can be found here.