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https://brokercheck.finra.org/Is it too good to be true? The North Dakota Securities Department is responsible for the enforcement of the North Dakota securities laws (N.D.C.C. 10-04) that protect citizens from dishonest...
Knowing how to invest your money is important.  Being an informed investor means having a plan and understanding each of your investments.  Learn about investing wisely, avoiding fraud and knowing your rights as an investor.
https://www.legis.nd.gov/cencode/t10c04.pdf#nameddest=10-04-02All persons who propose to sell securities and offer investment advice must be properly registered in order to conduct business in North Dakota.
Under the North Dakota Securities Act all securities sold in the state must be registered with the Department or properly exempted from registration.
Any company that intends to offer or sell a franchise in North Dakota or to any North Dakota resident must first register its franchise offering with the Securities Department as defined by the (NDFIL) 51-19.

Commissioner Karen Tyler

North Dakota Securities Commissioner, Karen Tyler

Welcome to the North Dakota Securities Department website. The mission of the Department is to protect the North Dakota investor through the administration of state securities laws and rules. The Securities Department is responsible for regulating the offer and sale of securities in North Dakota. We register and monitor the firms and individuals selling securities or providing investment advice to North Dakotans, and we register securities offered and sold in the state. Through our investor education programs and resources, we strive to help North Dakotans make informed investment decisions, avoid fraud and build financial security.


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ATTENTION INVESTORS: Metals.com, Tower Equity, Chase Metals, and Barrick Capital RECEIVERSHIP CLAIM DEADLINE APRIL 30, 2021

Bismarck ND   North Dakota Securities Commissioner Karen Tyler previously announced...

Los Angeles Precious Metals Dealers Charged by CFTC and State Regulators with $185 Million Fraud Targeting the Elderly

NEWS RELEASE     |     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     |     September 29, 2020


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State Securities Regulators Outline Fraud Expectations, Provide Investor Protection Guidance

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To protect yourself, check your broker's record. Learn more on the registration status and complaints of agents and firms.

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