Click links below for information on identifying and reporting Palmer amaranth (PA).


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With the discovery of PA in McIntosh County, North Dakota, it is imperative to act quickly to address this new invader. It is critical to work collaboratively with your county weed board and county extension agents in identifying new populations.


1. Landowners should scout fields in mid to late summer through early fall, especially before harvest.

2. When a suspicious plant is found, contact your county authority. Initial photos may be helpful in ruling out PA.

3. The county weed officer will work with the NDSU extension agent, who may send the plant for genetic testing to confirm if it is PA.

4. Landowners should hand pull, bag on site and destroy suspect plants.

5. Suspect plants should be burned or deep buried to prevent movement of seed.

6. Landowners should work with their county weed officer and continue to survey the field for a period of 3-5 years post removal to verify no additional PA is found.