Welcome to the new online Local Foods Directory Map. This map will connect you with local farmers, ranchers and businesses that are growing, raising and producing products in North Dakota.

The map include product specific layers for:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • eggs
  • beef
  • poultry
  • pork
  • other meats
  • pickles, jams, jellies
  • honey
  • baked goods.

Other layers identify::

  • Farmers market locations
  • Farmers and ranchers that sell CSA shares
  • Farmers and ranchers that sell wholesale
  • Farmers and ranchers that sell directly off the farm
  • Pick your own produce locations
  • Roadside stand locations
  • Produce donations sites
  • Community Orchards

The map is mobile responsive and will be updated frequently with new growers and producers.

To update or add your information to the map, please fill out the form that applies to you. This free service is provided by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) and there is no cost for producers or business to be added to the map. Only information that fits the mission of the map wil be included (please one entry per form).

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Navigating the map

The map functions like most online maps by clicking and scrolling with your mouse, or touching the screen on a mobile device. To view the legend click on the blue circle icon at the bottom of the map. To view the layers list click on the green circle icon at the bottom next to the legend icon. Once the layers list is open you can select or de-select layers to help you refine your search.

To get more detailed information about a sprcific location click on any Icon on the map and a window will pop up with more details.