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Records Management

Records Management is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving, and destroying the records of an organization. 

Records Management includes three primary components:

  1. Records Management Program
  2. Forms Management Program
  3. Media Services

Together, these practices make state agencies more efficient, personnel more productive, minimize supply and equipment costs, improve storage and retrieval systems, and protect agencies from litigation risks regarding record-keeping practices.

Records Management Program

The Records Management Program is responsible for the preservation of state records. This includes determining retention periods (based on legal, fiscal, historical and administrative values), selecting the appropriate retention medium (paper, electronic, film, etc.), choosing the best retention location (active, inactive, etc.), and selecting the best filing system for the records.

Forms Management Program

The Forms Management Program is responsible for maintaining quality state forms.  This includes maintaining the state form numbering system, maintaining design standards for state forms quality, designing forms that meet the needs of our customers, eliminating duplicate and bootleg forms, and reviewing and analyzing all forms used in state government.

Media Services

Electronic records are the predominate record type of the future.  However, the hardware and software associated with electronic media can become obsolete, creating a cycle that requires data migration in as little as 5-7 years.  To offset the obsolesce factor of electronic records, microfiche and roll film remain viable, low-cost media options for the long-term storage of records when the cost of electronic or physical storage is excessive.

The Standards for Microfilming North Dakota Public Records and the media services offered by ITD continue to play a part in the state's records management program.  While much of the work is outsourced, ITD continues to coordinate media services that include:

  • Processing Computer Output Microfiche (COM)
  • Converting film/image documents to microforms
  • Processing roll film
  • Duplicating roll film and microfiche
  • Creating paper prints or digital images from roll film and microfiche
  • Maintaining archived microforms
  • Creating and duplicating CDs


ITD provides customized records management consulting to state agencies and city/county government offices. Training to groups is also available and has historically included topics such as:




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