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IT Procurement

ITD provides review, consultation, and general assistance to North Dakota agencies regarding IT procurement and contracting best practices.

ITD is responsible for reviewing and approving the acquisition of technology by state agencies, as defined in ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-05).


  • Agencies can leverage resources that have been tailored specifically for IT product and services acquisitions. ITD works closely with OMB State Procurement, Risk Management and the Office of Attorney General to develop RFP and contract templates and best practices related to IT procurements.
  • Agency procurement staff can receive assistance and advice regarding their IT procurement projects.
  • ITD works in cooperation with the State Procurement Office to develop State Term Contracts for IT products and services used on an enterprise scale.

Requesting Service

Agencies may email ITDProcurement@nd.gov to request a procurement review or general IT procurement assistance.

IT Procurement Templates and Resources

IT Procurement Standards and Exception Requests

ITD reviews and approves IT-related procurements that exceed the threshold set by OMB for small purchases ($25,000). Primary review criteria includes compliance with state enterprise architecture standards and consistency with an agency's technology plan. ITD and OMB also review and approve requests to host IT solutions outside of the consolidated infrastructure hosted by ITD. In addition on large IT projects > $500k the state's procurement collaboration process is followed.

Procurement News & Views

Featured State Contracts

1. Term Contract 022 - State PC Contract

The State participates in the Western States Contract Alliance (WSCA) PC contract called the WSCA Premium Savings Packages (WNPSP). The State's Enterprise Architecture program has adopted the WNPSP configurations as standard configurations for North Dakota. The WNPSP program currently offers standard configurations at special discounts below the standard WSCA pricing for desktop, laptop, specialty notebooks, printers, and monitors.

2. Term Contract 095 - Information Technology Professional Services Vendor Pool

The State has established a term contract for a variety of IT professional services which can be used for both project-based and staff-augmentation work. Multiple vendors have been awarded contracts in each category. In order to obtain services a structured work order request process is available for state agencies.



095 State IT Services Contract Pool

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

As of July 1, 2014 the IT Services Vendor Pool Contract #095 is in effect.

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