Email (electronic mail) is a means of transmitting computer-based messages over a network, typically the Internet. Today's email programs are often bundled with other tools designed to improve collaboration, such as calendars, contact lists, and task lists. 

ITD provides email service to the majority of state government and many local government entities. There are nearly 15,000 entries in the email directory for state government.

Email Environments

Outlook Web App

Most of ND state government has standardized on the feature-rich functionality of Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to achieve a high-level of integration and interoperability. This service is also available to ND local government offices for a nominal fee.

Pioneer Web Access

Basic email is available to ND local government as a complementary extension of the statewide network.  The existing Pioneer service is moving from the current on-premises host to Exchange Online.  See instructions below on how to configure Outlook and mobile clients and migrate existing Pioneer mail and webmail contacts to Exchange Online.

Client Configuration

Move Pioneer Mail to Exchange

Transfer Pioneer Webmail Contacts

Office 365 Online Access

Some agencies are starting to move to Exchange Online as part of the Microsoft Office 365 service offering

Email Encryption

Email is inherently unsecured; therefore, ITD offers an add-on feature that provides encryption for agencies that use email to exchange sensitive and/or confidential information. One must first be given permission send secure messages. Submit a Generic Service Request in WMS for permission. To send a secure message, simply add "Securemail:" to the subject line of outbound messages. The recipient automatically receives instructions to access the email via the Secure Message Center.

Voice Features

Users may initiate voice calls from within the Outlook client. Follow the Avaya Outlook Plugin Installation Instructions to enable the functionality to initiate a call through a user's desk phone.

Note: Follow the Avaya Lync/Skype for Business Plugin Installation Instructions to enable dialing capabilities from IM clients.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Requesting Service

ITD’s online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit a "Email/IM/Rightfax/Quota" service request. ITD's Enterprise Service Level Agreement includes Service Level Objectives and Standard Intervals for Request Fulfillment.

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Email Encryption

A centralized e-mail encryption service exists for agencies that need to exchange secure messages with external entities. There is a one-time user install fee plus a monthly fee for each user accessing the system.

1.80/user 22.00/user
Email Quota (Additional Storage)

ITD allows for additional storage to be acquired for email mailboxes. 

State Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange services are available to political subdivisions that require email functionality beyond the basic POP3/SMTP service provided with their statewide network connectivity. A monthly fee is assessed for each e-mail account.

Technology Fee

Network access charge is assessed for each state FTE for statewide area network access and other network services.


Related Standards and Guidelines

Email Standard

Establishes policies for the use of enterprise email in North Dakota state government.