The Council is made up of twenty-three members appointed by the Governor. Sixty percent of the members are persons with disabilities, or parents, guardians, or immediate relatives of a person with DD. The Council also includes state agency representation along with members from North Dakota's University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Protection and Advocacy Project and community DD service providers.

The Council shall have four standing committees: the Executive Committee, Membership Committee, State Plan Committee and The Advocacy Committee. Committees shall be structured to implement the Council’s programs and goals outlined in the five-year State Plan.

Executive Committee - The function of the Executive Committee is to represent the Council and act on its behalf between regular Council meetings and to carry out business delegated by the Council.

Membership Committee - The Membership Committee shall not exceed five members. The Membership Committee shall recruit new members, ensure members have adequate support, and make other membership recommendations to the full Council for approval.

State Plan Committee - The State Plan Committee shall not exceed five members. The State Plan Committee shall participate in the development of the proposed Five-Year Plan and its annual review and update. The Committee shall identify goals and objectives that can be met through the Request for Proposal process or through Council staff activities. The Committee shall design and administer a self-assessment of the Council’s compliance with federal requirements and the perception of the Council by other state and local entities. Other activities may be assigned by the Council Chairperson.

Advocacy Committee - The Advocacy Committee will consist of Council members who are self-advocates, parents or guardians of a person with a disability who opt to participate on the Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to provide consumer input to the full Council and promote leadership development for Council self-advocates, parents and guardians. 


Current Council Members

Jon Fettig - Consumer 

Dr. Lori Garnes - University Center of Excellence

Brittany Armstrong Hanson - Parent

Sheryl Beard - Consumer

Tammy DeSautel - Job Service

Heather Jenkins - State Transition Center 

Jeff Jacobson - Community Rehab Provider 

Kristle Kjemhus- Parent

Kimberly Hruby - Division Director for Special Health Services in the North Dakota Department of Health

Roxane Romanick - Non-profit Representative

Sara Stolt- Department of Health and Human Services

Richard Kraft- Consumer

Sarah Helbling - Parent

Jacqueline Frost-Hodny - Parent

 Lea Kugel- North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

Trevor Vannett - Consumer

Veronica Zietz- Director of Protection and Advocacy 

Heather Martel-Forderer - Consumer

Sam Peterson - Parent

Susan Karpayak - Parent

Elizabeth Romanick-Consumer

Darwin Hime-Consumer

Executive Director

Julie Horntvedt

Program Assistant-Self Advocacy

 Chaz Brobst