Procurement Officer Certification Training

The ND Procurement Officer Certification Program was established by OMB in 2002 to provide employees responsible for purchasing with training related to the type of procurement they conduct. Contact the OMB State Procurement Office at 701.328.2740 if you have questions or would like to coordinate special training for your agency. Agency heads may delegate purchase authority to employees based upon the procurement certification training completed.

The Procurement Officer Certification program consists of four levels. The certification levels match the competition threshold levels. Each level provides core training that is a building block for the next higher level.  It is recommended that certification courses be completed in order, but not required.  See the North Dakota State Procurement Manual Level 1 Micro Purchase Procedures for the Procurement Officer Certification Training Program requirements. Additional requirements apply to procurement officers for Major IT projects over $500,000.

  • Level 1:  Micro purchases less than $10,000 (PeopleSoft Course 110SPO1006)
  • Level 2:  Small purchases at least $10,000 but less than $50,000 (PeopleSoft Course 110SPO1008)
  • Level 3:  Informal purchases at least $50,000 but less than $100,000 (PeopleSoft Course 110SPO1009)
  • Level 4:  Formal purchases $100,000 and over (PeopleSoft Course 110SPO1007)
  • Levels 3 & 4 taught on the same day


The North Dakota Procurement Officer Certification Program may be periodically updated to reflect changes in statutes, rules, policies, and OMB directives. The OMB State Procurement Office will announce re-certification requirements as needed.

  • For current level 2, 3, or 4 Procurement Officers (PeopleSoft Course 110SPO100)

Non-PeopleSoft ELM Users

See Procurement Training and Delegation

Cost: Free


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Upcoming Training

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