Welcoming an Intern

Just as an agency should provide any regular employee with a warm welcome, it is very important to provide students with a warm introduction, for not only are students new to the organization, in many cases, they are new to the workforce and/or profession.  The welcoming process plays a vital role in establishing a relationship with the student that provides constructive feedback, builds invaluable knowledge and skills, and proactively integrates potential regular employees in the agency.

The role of supervisor is critical to the value of a student’s internship experience.  The supervisor should explain program goals and objectives, set the expectations, review and discuss the duties, training plan and evaluation criteria with the student. 

In addition to assigning work a supervisor is responsible for the following:

  • Providing regular, on-going feedback session with the intern
  • Introduce intern to Co-workers and the rest of the organization
  • Provide intern with organization chart and contact list of key personnel
  • Establish and agree upon working hours
  • Provide intern with list of key contacts of where to find technical help (IT, HR, Etc.)
  • Review employer expectations and job description
  • Review company policies work and safety policies
  • Establish expectations regarding the organizational dress code
  • Review procedures for payment and reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Provide a tour of the facility
  • Establish project timeframes and expectations
  • Review emergency and safety procedures
  • Review and discuss the mission of the organization and how the intern fits into that role
  • Provide an overview of the customers of the organization
  • Review expectations for intern on how to complete projects
  • Outline opportunities to network within the organization