Financial Assistance to the Agency

Agencies may apply for financial assistance from the State Government Student Internship Program to help fund the hourly wage paid to an intern by submitting a completed SFN 59150 Internship Work Plan to HRMS at Internship positions are generally eligible to receive up to 50% reimbursement depending on budget availability. The director of HRMS will make the final decision of amount awarded each internship position based on the state’s priority or needs.

Agencies identifying hard to fill positions as a reason to provide intern opportunities in the agency must provide that documentation in their application for the student internship stipend when they complete the SFN 59150 Internship Work Plan.

Transfer of Spending Authority

Once an intern has been hired the agency must notify HRMS of the intern’s start date. HRMS will contact OMB to transfer spending authority of the approved funding amount. Agencies must notify HRMS in writing if there is any change in status of the intern or work plan. Funds remaining from an internship term must be returned to HRMS.

The agency must pay the intern an hourly wage. HRMS does not make any payments directly to the intern.

For questions, contact HRMS Internship Coordinator at or 701.328.3290.