Premium Reduction Program

The discount program referred to as the Risk Management Workers Compensation Program (RMWCP) Premium Reduction Program has been designed to reflect loss control practices that reduce the state’s exposure to work injuries. The program focus is on the adoption of practices that justify the discounts by reducing the frequency and severity of worker compensation claims involving state employees.

The RMWCP Premium Reduction Program is designed to assist state agencies in developing and improving current safety/loss control management systems. The state agency has the option of choosing the program(s) that will be most beneficial to their agency in reducing losses. State agencies can receive up to a maximum of a 15% premium discount by choosing to participate in an assortment of premium reduction programs that can each provide a 3% discount. New programs are added based on review of the RMWCP's loss run reports. The premium discount is applied to the net actual premium for the year of participation and the premium discount amount is deducted from the next guaranteed policy renewal period. Any discounts awarded may not reduce the charged premium amount below $250.

How to Apply for the Premium Reduction Program

Complete and submit the RMWCP Premium Reduction Program Application form to the Risk Management Division by August 29 of each premium year. If you need any assistance in completing the application process, contact the RMWCP Manager at 701.328.7583.