Risk Management Services

The Risk Management Division was established in 1995 to implement a program to address the state's exposures to tort liability claims and lawsuits due to the loss of sovereign immunity.

In an effort to save premium dollars through a deductible program, and to establish a cross agency return-to-work program for the state, the 2001 legislature directed the establishment of a single workers compensation state account. The administration of that program was assigned to the Risk Management Division of the Office of Management and Budget. The activities and policies of the division are described in the Risk Management Manual.

An online reporting system is maintained for agencies to report incidents that may give rise to tort liability exposure or workers compensation claims.

Services provided include loss control, facilitating criminal background checks  for individuals having access to certain financial or personal information in PeopleSoft, and assisting with insurance needs for state workers traveling abroad on official business. Agencies may request a Certificate of Financial Responsibility online.

The Risk Management Fund and Risk Management Workers Compensation Fund are funded through actuarially determined contributions and premium assessments. Agencies that adopt and follow proactive measures for reducing claims may apply for annual Risk Management Fund and Workers Compensation Discount Programs.

A representative from the Risk Management Division serves on the Accident Review Board and as member of the State's Continuum of Government (COG) Team.

Risk Management Services Documents