Customize these templates for the commodities and services you need. Please contact the State Procurement Office at 701.328.2740, if you have questions or suggestions for improvement.


Information Technology (IT) Solicitation

Use for IT purchases over $25,000 and those that are not considered Major IT

Use for IT purchases that are considered Major IT* (see IT Procurement for requirements)

*The procurement officer must receive a Delegation of Authority for Procurement of Major Information Technology from OMB State Procurement to proceed with Major IT Solicitation.

General IT Templates:


Customize these contract templates for your next procurement process. Contact your agency's legal counsel for assistance.

If the solicitation tied cost adjustment to indexes, you may use these indexes to calculate cost adjustments.

Risk Management

Contracts for Public Improvements

Due to the complexity involved in public improvement contracting, the industry standard uses contracts drafted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) or the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC). These contracts contain terms and conditions to which a state agency is without authority to agree; therefore, it is imperative that these standard contracts be reviewed and supplemented with a state addendum that is prepared by the agency’s assigned legal counsel or the Attorney General’s office.