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SPO Online System and State Bidders List

State law requires OMB to maintain a procurement information website that provides current information regarding North Dakota government procurement opportunities of commodities and services.  State law also requires OMB to maintain a list of vendors that desire to bid or submit proposals on contracts for goods and services.  OMB and purchasing agencies are required to use the website and bidders list when issuing solicitations and notices over $25,000, except as otherwise provided in law NDCC 54-44.04-09.

SPO Online will be changing when Supplier Onboarding and Electronic Responses go live. Please DO NOT use the "Enable Electronic Responses" option until the State Procurement Office has completed testing and sent notification to agencies.

Contact the State Procurement Office Help Desk at 701.328.2740 for assistance with the SPO Online System and State Bidders List.

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