Reciprocal Preference

North Dakota Preference Laws

North Dakota has preference laws that must be applied when evaluating bids and proposals. The term "preference" as it relates to government purchasing is an advantage in consideration for award of a contract given to particular types of vendors. For questions, contact or 701.328.2740.

State law requires the preference given to a resident North Dakota bidder be equal to the preference given or required by the state of the nonresident bidder. This is commonly called “reciprocal preference.” A bidder is “resident” if its maintains a bona fide place of business within North Dakota for at least one year prior to the date the contract was awarded (NDCC 44-08-02). When a bid or proposal is received from a nonresident bidder, determine whether the bidder’s state of residence has a preference law. State preference laws and regulations can be viewed by visiting the NASPO State Preference Repository.

Guidelines to North Dakota Purchasing Preference Laws  May 2017