Bidders List

State Bidders List

State law requires the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to maintain a list of persons and businesses that desire to provide commodities and services to the state. The Bidders List is part of State Procurement Office (SPO) Online system.

State Procurement Help Desk. Contact the State Procurement Office or 701.328.2740 with assistance using the Bidders List and SPO Online.

Using the Bidders Lists

Commodity Codes. Bidders Lists are organized by commodity codes. Select one or more commodity code that describe what is being purchased.  Some purchases fall under multiple commodity codes (Example: 918-07 Advertising Consulting, 915 Advertising Agency Services, 918-76 Marketing Consulting, etc.).

Informal Purchases $25,000 and Under. State agencies may use the Bidders List for informal purchases. The SPO Online system has options for issuing informal bids and proposals, and the state agency simply selects three or more bidders.

Formal Purchases Over $25,000.  OMB and state agencies must use the bidders list when making a Level 3 Formal purchase over $25,000. Other vendors that sell the needed commodity or service may be added to the bidders list for a particular solicitation, but those vendors must complete the Bidder Registration process to be placed on the State Bidders List to receive future solicitations. When issuing a solicitation, do not remove bidders from the Bidders List.  An approved Alternate Procurement is required if an agency seeks to limit competition to particular vendors instead of using the Bidders List. If a bidder does not have an email or fax number, mail notice to that vendor.

Notice of Intent to Make Cooperative, Limited Competitive, and Noncompetitive Purchases. State law also requires OMB and state agencies to use the Bidders List when sending notice of intent to make cooperative State Contracts, limited competitive, noncompetitive, and negotiated purchases used with Alternate Procurements. (NDCC 54-44.4-09).