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ND Department of Commerce Awards Tribal College Grants

Posted 8/23/13 (Fri)


north dakota department of commerce awards tribal college workforce development grant funds
“Workforce development continues to be a major focus as we work to create more good jobs and diversify our economy,” Governor Jack Dalrymple said. “Outstanding opportunities are right here in North Dakota, and providing the right education and training will continue to elevate our workforce.”
Turtle mountain Community college – $1,000,000 million dollars
"With this grant, programs at Turtle Mountain Community College will be designed and expanded to better fit the workforce training needs in North Dakota while at the same time providing a much needed boost to addressing the unemployment challenges we face on and near the reservation." Jim Davis, president of Turtle Mountain Community College said.
United tribes technical college - $999,985
“With this support, authorized by the State Legislature, we will expand our workforce training programs into the field of medical coding, an important job that is currently in high demand the regional job market,” David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College President said. “By providing instruction and training in this field to Native and non-Native students, we are providing a critical need. We are grateful for the opportunity to help contribute to the infrastructure of North Dakota’s economy.”
Sitting bull college – $1,000,000
“Tribal Colleges in North Dakota continue to serve a critical role across our state in providing education and training needed to fulfill their career goals,” Commerce Commissioner Al Anderson said. “This tribal college grant will increase the colleges’ ability to prepare students for our growing statewide economy.”
Cankdeska Cikana Community College - $500,511
“The new and expanded collaboration between the State of North Dakota and our tribal colleges is exciting,” Cynthia Lindquist, president of Cankdeska Cikana Community College said. “The partnership will have a significant impact on the economy as well as helping us to address the serious poverty issues on the reservation. The tribal college grant program will outreach to some of most disadvantaged North Dakotans to lend a helping hand via job training and business development opportunities.” 
“Through our tribal colleges, here is a great opportunity to create much needed jobs in our tribal communities, both on and off the reservation” Scott Davis, Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission.