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Visual ND

What is it?

Visual ND is the State of North Dakotaís enterprise ArcGIS Online license for state agencies. ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based tool from Esri that hosts and serves out data, services, maps, and applications. Visual ND provides a pool of ArcGIS Online users and credits for state agencies who wish to utilize this technology. Visual ND leverages state agency buying power which will help to reduce the overall cost to the state.

ArcGIS Online doesnít currently replace existing Desktop GIS software but it can supplement it and in some cases, it can provide GIS functionality to casual GIS users who need access to data but donít require Desktop GIS software. ArcGIS Online does not replace the North Dakota GIS Hub but it utilizes data on the GIS Hub. ArcGIS Online is just another tool, similar to other web-based applications that consume data from the GIS Hub via web services.

Key functionality of this tool includes:

How to Get It

If your agency is interested in using Visual ND, please contact the State GIS Coordinator or simply visit the GIS Hub Feedback Form. If your agency has not yet had experience with ArcGIS Online, a demonstration of the capabilities can be set up.

For many agencies, using Visual ND will work very well to manage the agencyís maps and other information within a group and using security. Visual ND also doubles as a test environment, so if an agency isnít sure if ArcGIS Online is for them, they can try it out at no cost. For some agencies, a dedicated site may be required to meet their needs. A dedicated site can be obtained by purchasing ArcGIS Online directly from Esri or by creating an "entitlement" site based upon one or more ArcGIS Desktop licenses covered by maintenance. A hybrid model is also possible where an agency's users are in that agency's entitlement site and in Visual ND.

How to Get Started Using Visual ND

Once your agency has access to Visual ND/ArcGIS Online some consideration should be made on how to organize the content to make it easier to find, access, and share. The North Dakota GIS Technical Committee has published the Guidelines for Using ArcGIS Online (pdf) to assist in making your agency successful in the use of Visual ND.

Even though ArcGIS Online is relatively easy to use, training in the administration and use of ArcGIS Online will be very beneficial to your organization. Particularly in learning how to minimize the use of the credits and finding about functionality and tools that arenít readily apparent. Please see the training section in the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Additional resources useful for administering ArcGIS Online can be found on the ArcGIS Online Administration wiki.

For information on using ArcGIS Online on a tablet or smartphone, please see the Mobile page

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Q. Who can have it?

Q. Who is paying for Visual ND?

Q. What does it cost for an agency?

Q. What training is available?

Q. How is support handled?

Frequently Asked Questions Ė Technical

Q. Iím trying to add a web layer to my map and Iím getting an error, what is the problem?

Q. Should I store my data in ArcGIS Online?

Frequently Asked Questions Ė Licensing & Access

Q. When I share a map within our agency, using a group or not, does my coworker need also to have a userid to access that?

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