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Fire Danger Awareness

Rural fire

North Dakota records approximately 1,800 fire incidents each year. Fires within the state are classified as urban fires or wildland fires. Major causes of urban fires include electrically related structural and vehicle fires, incendiary-arson, unattended cooking fires, smoking materials, heating devices, fuel systems, sparks, hazardous material spills, and spontaneous combustion.

Major sources of wildland fires include lightning, inadequate measures for controlled burns, smoking, and sparks from farm machinery and trains. Fires in areas of high fuel content, if not quickly detected and suppressed, can rapidly flare out of control, threaten lives and cause major damage to habitat, crops, livestock, wildlife, and structural property.

Local (city/county/tribal) jurisdictions may institute burn bans, in accordance with the fire danger index, if conditions require. Contact your local emergency manager to inquire about the status of fire restrictions that may be in place.

North Dakota Fire Danger Map

The ND FDI (http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bis/?n=fire_weather_public) is issued daily by the National Weather Service (NWS) during fire season; typically from April 1 to October 31, by 6:00 am CDT (text and map form) and provides an indication of rural fire potential for grasslands, including its ability to spread. The Fire Danger Index may be updated during the day as weather conditions warrant.

Although not very often, there are times when weather conditions that develop during the day result in a change to the FDI that is significantly different (change by one or more categories) than what was issued at 6:00 am at which time the NWS will update the FDI. These updates are more likely to occur in early spring and fall where slight changes in temperature, relative humidity and/or wind speed have a larger impact to the fire danger. CHECK FOR UPDATES BEFORE YOU BURN.

Fire Weather Planning Forecast

Burn Restrictions and Fire Declarations

The following map depicts counties/tribes where fire emergencies have been declared and burn bans/restrictions implemented. Please note many are only in effect if the daily Fire Danger Index (FDI) is in the HIGH, VERY HIGH, or EXTREME category and/or if there is a Red Flag Warning; others are in effect regardless of the situation.

By clicking on the county/tribe on the map below you can view additional information regarding burn bans/restrictions for a particular area.


Click here for a printable pdf map

Link to list of county emergency managers
NEW - Fire Danger Guide


Fire Weather Watches, Warnings, and Forecasts
Interagency Dispatch Center
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Wildland Fires - FAQs
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