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Individual Resources

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Individuals - Flood Resources

If you or your property has been impacted by North Dakota flooding in 2011, you may be eligible for assistance programs. What follows is a list of programs and services for you to review and consider. There are two sections:
  1. Programs and services available without a Presidential Individual Assistance declaration.
  2. Programs and services available with a Presidential Individual Assistance declaration (as of June 24, 2011, Burleigh and Ward counties have received Presidential Individual Assistance declarations).


Choosing and Working with Contractors
These documents provide valuable tips and suggestions to protect yourself and your property as you move the cleanup, repair and recovery from flooding. You'll also find resources with several state agencies that help you.

Disaster Scams
There are five common scams often found in areas following a natural disaster like flooding. Learn more about these scams and how you can protect yourself in this document from the North Dakota Attorney General's office.

Flood Insurance
The North Dakota Insurance Department is available to assist consumers with questions on homeowner's insurance, auto insurance and other flood-related insurance issues. Visit the department's website at www.nd.gov/ndins

Residential Borrower Loans
Contact the Bank of North Dakota or your financial institution if you are having difficulty making scheduled loan payments due to fighting flood conditions.

Student Borrower Loans
Contact the Bank of North Dakota at 1-800-472-2166 ext. 5660 if you are having difficulty making scheduled student loan payments. If you are a student loan borrower or a co-signer to a student loan at BND, you can request to place your loan(s) in forbearance to temporarily postpone your payments up to 90 days.

Tax Payment Information
Taxpayers affected by North Dakota flooding and who are having difficulty meeting the tax filing deadlines should contact the North Dakota Tax Department at 1-877-328-7088 or 701-328-7088.

Utility Rebates
The North Dakota Department of Commerce partners with utilities, cooperatives and propane gas providers across the state to make rebates to residential customers available. If you need to replace items such as air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters and related items in your property, you may be eligible from several hundred dollars up to $5,000 in rebates based on the size and energy efficiency of the unit.


The following programs and services become available to North Dakota residents impacted by flooding once a Presidential Individual Disaster Declaration is made. These programs and services are in addition to those available without the declaration.

Home and Personal Property Loans
If you are in a declared disaster area and are the victim of a disaster, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration - even if you don't own a business. As a homeowner, renter and/or personal-property owner, you may apply to the SBA for a loan to help you recover from a disaster. Renters and homeowners alike may borrow up to $40,000 to repair or replace clothing, furniture, cars, appliances, etc. damaged or destroyed in the disaster. Homeowners may apply for up to $200,000 to repair or replace their primary residence to its pre-disaster condition.

Human Services
The North Dakota Department of Human Services provides crisis counseling, substance abuse services, disaster supplemental nutrition assistance, and other economic assistance program once the IA declaration is received. Read through this document for more details and contact information.

Unemployment Assistance
Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance - temporary income when your employment has been lost or interrupted as a result of a Presidential declared disaster. Contact Job Service North Dakota Unemployment Insurance Claims Center at 701-328-1152 or file your claim online at www.jobsnd.com.

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