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Extended Learning Experiences Forms and Worksheets

Job Shadow Forms

Samples of forms and documents that can be adapted for use in providing students with job shadowing opportunities.

Absence Forms

Edgeley Absence (13kb Word)
Grand Forks Absence (26kb Word)


Fargo App (145kb pdf)
Grand Forks App (47kb Word)
Minot App (164kb Excel)
Surrey App (39kb Word)
West Fargo App (34kb pdf)

Appointment Forms

Drake/Anamoose Appt (28kb Word)
Edgeley Appt (26kb Word)
Ellendale Appt (22kb Word)
Fargo Appt (59kb pdf)
Grand Forks Appt (24kb Word)
Washburn Appt (22kb Word)

Checklists (Preparation)

Edgeley Prep (12kb Word)
Fargo Prep (46kb pdf)
Grand Forks Prep (24kb Word)
West Fargo Prep (65kb Word)

Evaluation of Host Business (by Student)

Grand Forks Host Eval (29kb Word)
Minot Host Eval (44kb Word)

Evaluation of Student (by Business)

Ellendale Student Eval (31kb Word)
Fargo Student Eval (11kb pdf)
Grand Forks Student Eval (28kb Word)
Minot Student Eval (49kb Word)

Liability Release Forms

Edgeley Liability (26kb Word)
Ellendale Liability (44kb Word)
Washburn Liability (22kb Word)


Code of Conduct - West Fargo (42kb Word)
Dress Code - Minot (58kb Word)
Minot Resume Builder Worksheet (16kb pdf)
Why Job Shadow? - Drake/Anamoose (25kb Word)

Sample Letters/Information for Businesses

Grand Forks Business 1 (25kb Word)
Grand Forks Business 2 (43kb Word)
Grand Forks Business 3 (28kb Word)
Minot Business (172kb Word)

Student Preparation

Edgeley Student Prep (27kb Word)
Fargo Student Prep (48kb pdf)
Washburn Stucent Prep (108kb Word)
West Fargo Student Prep (36kb Word)

Student Reflection

Edgeley Reflection (24kb Word)
Ellendale Reflection (25kb Word)
Fargo Reflection (32kb pdf)
Grand Forks Reflection (23kb Word)
West Fargo Reflection (37kb Word)

Suggested Questions for During the Job Shadow

Edgeley Questions (28kb Word)
Fargo Questions (28kb pdf)
Grand Forks 1 Questions (28kb Word)
Grand Forks 2 Questions (26kb Word)
Minot Questions (29kb Word)
Surrey Questions (31kb Word)
West Fargo Questions (37kb Word)

Thank You Examples

Grand Forks Thank You (38kb Word)
Surrey Thank You (21kb Word)
Washburn Thank You (20kb Word)
West Fargo Thank You (36kb Word)


Litchville-Marion Packet (50kb Word)

Thank you to everyone who shared resources!


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