State Insect

Convergent Lady Beetle (Lady Bug)

On March 15, 2011 Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed into law House Bill 1219, designating the Convergent Lady Beetle, commonly known as the ladybug, as the official state insect. He was joined at the cermony by legislators and second grade students from Kenmare Elementary School, who were instrumental in passing the legislation.

The students, who were from Tamara McNeiley's enrichment class, were studying ladybugs and learned that while 42 states had a state insect, North Dakota did not. They researched the ladybug and initiated the legislation designating the ladybug as the state's official insect. The students testified before the House and Senate Political Subdivisions committees in support of the legislation.

"This legislation not only designates an official insect for our state, but also exemplifies the importance of having a voice and how each of us has the ability to affect change and have an impact on our state," Dalrymple said. "These students and their teacher, Mrs. McNeiley, represent the outstanding work that is going on in classrooms across our state, work that is instilling in our young people the skills and values to be tomorrow's leaders."

In October 2009, the students contacted Rep. Glen Froseth, who supported them in their efforts to initiate the legislation. He signed on as the primary bill sponsor, along with Reps. Pat Hatlestad and Gary Kreidt and Sen. Karen Krebsbach.