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CFPB Overview (358.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: October 5, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 17, 2020

Are you the spouse or surviving spouse of—or a child of—a Veteran with disabilities or a Veteran who has died? If you don’t qualify for TRICARE (the Department of Defense’s health care program for active-duty and retired service members and their families), you may be able to get health insurance through the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA). Through this program, the VA covers the cost of some of your health care services and supplies. This is called cost sharing. Find out if you qualify for CHAMPVA and how to apply.

Date of Meeting: October 5, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 29, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 29, 2020
Choice Program Fact Sheet (187.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: October 7, 2020
Claims Process Part 1 (951.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 17, 2020
Claims Process Part 2 (891.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 17, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020

Coaching Into Care is a national telephone service of the VA which aims to educate, support, and empower family members and friends who are seeking care or services for a Veteran.

Date of Meeting: October 7, 2020

Today’s combat veterans are not only readjusting to life in a civilian world but many are also choosing to return to school.  Sometimes, these Veterans are also managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which may bring about additional difficulties when attending school. This free two-hour seminar provides participants with information about PTSD, TBI, and how to help our student Veterans succeed in facilities of higher education.

To schedule this training for your organization, please call 701-239-3700 ext 4310 or 701-451-4626.

Date of Meeting: June 25, 2018
Date of Meeting: June 27, 2019
Date of Meeting: July 1, 2019
Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020

The North Dakota Commissioner of Veterans Affairs is challenging all Organization Leaders in North Dakota to accept the challenge of ensuring their members take the S.A.V.E. training to help prevent veteran suicides.

"The military along with many other organizations provide First Aid training to its members. First Aid training saves lives in Medical Emergencies, S.A.V.E. training saves lives in Behavior Health Emergencies".

This challenge involves only two steps (about 25 minutes of your time).

First step: Add the below contact information to your phone so you are prepared to help

Second step: Register and take the 23 minute online training (requires sign in) or on YouTube (no sign in required).

VA launched the S.A.V.E. video in collaboration with PsychArmor Institute, a national nonprofit providing online education and support to those who work with, live with, or care for Service members, Veterans, and military and Veteran families. S.A.V.E. — which stands for “Signs,” “Ask,” “Validate,” and “Encourage” and “Expedite” — offers simple steps that anyone can take when talking with Veterans who are at risk for suicide.  While the video refers to Veterans, the principles are universal, so let's make a difference in North Dakota with S.A.V.E.!

  • Organizations can request in person training at the Fargo VA.
  • Report completed in person training to NDCares@nd.gov

More information:

The ND Department of Veterans Affairs in collaboration with First LinkNDCARESND National Guard and the Federal VA in Fargo are challenging all entities in ND to encourage its employees and members to take the time to participate in this challenge. 

Common VA Errors (424.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 16, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 29, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020
Community Options (836.0 KB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020
Compensation (18.494 MB pdf)
Date of Meeting: September 15, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 11, 2017
Date of Meeting: September 18, 2020
Date of Meeting: September 18, 2020
Date of Meeting: October 29, 2020

Our department put this together for your use.  Right-click the image and download, print, and post!


Date of Meeting: October 19, 2016

Operation Overlord:


African Americans at D-Day:


D-Day Memorial:


Women nurses at D-Day:


Frances Slanger, first nurse to die at Normandy:




Army Medical Department, invasion related:





Merchant marines contributions at D-Day:


Stories from Those Who Survived the D-Day Invasion

Recorded for the Veterans History Project (Library of Congress):

To hear recordings, click on “Sound Recording;” to read transcript of the interview, click on “Transcript”
Oral history of Leroy Bowen, Jr., Coast Guard, Normandy & Omaha Beaches: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.afc2001001.17142/
Oral history of Mortimer Caplin, Navy, Beach master for Normandy Invasion: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.afc2001001.68515/
Oral history of Anastacio Juarez, Army, D-Day: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.afc2001001.87552/
D-VE (5.445 MB pdf)
Date of Meeting: February 25, 2021