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37-14-07. Repayment to be made to aid fund

Upon the granting of an application and at the time of disbursement, the applicant, or the applicant's legal agent, shall execute a loan agreement with the department of veterans' affairs that within a specified period of not to exceed four years from the date of the receipt of the last item of the advancement, the applicant will repay to the state for the use of the veterans' aid fund the full amount of all advancements made to the applicant with interest as provided in rules adopted under section 37-14-10, but not to exceed ten percent annually. One-half of the interest must be waived if timely repayment is made to the fund as set forth in rules adopted pursuant to section 37-14-10.
The department may take necessary legal action to collect, compromise, or settle loans if in the opinion of the department the person has the financial means to repay, and the person deliberately refuses to do so. The department may release from financial liability any person it determines is financially unable to repay the loan through no fault of the person. The department may assess and collect a late payment penalty as provided in section 47-14-05.