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Laws: Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

Exemptions. There are specifically exempted from the provisions of this chapter and from computation of the amount of tax imposed by it the following:
1. Any motor vehicle acquired by, or leased and in the possession of, a resident disabled veteran under the provisions of Pub. L. 79-663 [38 U.S.C. 3901], a resident disabled veteran who has a one hundred percent service-connected disability as determined by the department of veterans affairs or a resident disabled veteran who has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total disability rating to one hundred percent as determined by the department of veterans' affairs who registers, or is eligible to register, the vehicle with a distinctive license plate issued by the department of transportation under subdivision j of subsection 2 of section 39-04-18. An unremarried surviving spouse who is receiving department of veterans' affairs dependency and indemnity compensation retains the exemption of the deceased, qualifying veteran in this subsection.
8. Any motor vehicle that does not exceed ten thousand pounds [4535.92 kilograms] gross weight and which is acquired by, or leased and in the possession of, a permanently physically disabled, licensed driver who is restricted to operating only motor vehicles equipped with special controls to compensate for the disability, or by permanently physically disabled individuals who have either surrendered or who have been denied a driver's license because of a permanent physical disability, provided the individuals obtain from the director of the department of transportation or the director's authorized representative a statement that the individual has a restricted driver's license or has either surrendered or has not been issued a driver's license because of a permanent physical disability; a copy of the statement must be attached to the application for registration of the title to the motor vehicle for which the exemption from tax under this chapter is claimed. Any motor vehicle acquired subject to this exemption must be disposed of either by transfer to another permanently physically disabled person or by a trade-in on another exempt sale or by a transfer involving a sale subject to sales or use tax before another motor vehicle can be acquired subject to the benefits of this exemption clause.