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37-01-06: Seizure of property by governor to avert strike or lockout and to avert disaster or calamity

The governor, as commander in chief of the military forces of this state, may take any measure necessary to prevent or avert any impending disaster or calamity which threatens to destroy life or property in this state, or which may entail loss of life or property, or result in great suffering or hardship among the people of this state. In the event of any strike or lockout, or threatened strike or lockout, of the employees of any coal mine or public utility which threatens to endanger the life and property of the people of this state, the governor may commandeer and take for use during any such emergency any such coal mine or public utility together with the machinery, equipment, and appurtenances of any such mine or utility which may be necessary to save life and property. The governor may employ all help necessary for the operation of any such coal mine or public utility and may make and enter into all contracts required for the operation thereof. The governor may purchase any and all material necessary for operating any such coal mine or public utility and may sell and distribute the products or services thereof.