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Laws: Alternate Firemen's Relief Association Plan

Each association shall adopt bylaws and regulations providing that in the event any member withdraws from employment in the department or ceases to be a member of the association, whether by death or otherwise, the member is entitled to a return of an amount which is not less than fifty percent nor more than one hundred percent of the member's contributions paid to the association without interest. Any benefits already received by that member must be deducted from the amount which would be returned to the member. Any applicant for a service pension who, subsequent to entry into the service of such fire department, has served in the military forces of the United States, may not have the period of that military service deducted in the computation of the period of service herein provided for, but that military service must be construed and counted as a part and portion of the member's active duty in that fire department. However, that credit for military service may not exceed five years. Any such member, who was a full-time regular firefighter at the time of the member's entry into the armed services and who seeks credit for that military service, shall, upon return to employment in the fire department, pay into the pension fund for each year of military service the same amount of money as the member would have contributed from the member's salary had the member been in the continuous employment of the department