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16.1-07-12.1: Absentee ballot precinct - Election board appointment - Ballot counting

1. For any primary, general, or special statewide, district, or county election, the board of county commissioners may create a special precinct, known as an absentee ballot precinct, for the purpose of counting all absentee ballots cast in an election in that county. The election board of the absentee ballot precinct must be known as the absentee ballot counting board. The county auditor shall supply the board with all necessary election supplies as provided in chapter 16.1-06.
2. If the board of county commissioners chooses to establish an absentee ballot precinct according to this section, the following provisions apply:
a. The county auditor shall appoint the absentee ballot counting board that consists of one independent representative to act as the inspector and an equal number of representatives from each political party represented on an election board in the county, as set forth in section 16.1-05-01, to act as judges. Each official of the board shall take the oath required by section 16.1-
05-02 and must be compensated as provided in section 16.1-05-05.
b. The county auditor shall have the absentee ballots delivered to the inspector of the absentee ballot counting board with the election supplies, or if received later, then prior to the closing of the polls.
c. The absentee ballot counting board shall occupy a location designated by the county auditor which must be open to any individual for the purpose of observing the counting process.
d. The absentee ballots must be opened and handled as required in section 16.1-07-12. The county auditor shall designate a location for the closing, counting, and canvassing process under chapter 16.1-15, which location must  be open to any person for the purpose of observing. The board shall comply  with the requirements of sections 16.1-15-04 through 16.1-15-12, as applicable.