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Benefit Type: Burial and Memorial

VA burial allowances are partial reimbursements of an eligible veteran's burial and funeral costs. When the cause of death is not service related, the reimbursements are generally described as two payments: (1) a burial and funeral expense allowance, and (2) a plot or interment allowance.

Application VA Form 21P-530 (pdf)

Mail completed form to:

Why Does VA Provide a Burial Flag?

A United States flag is provided, at no cost, to drape the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased veteran who served honorably in the U. S. Armed Forces. It is furnished to honor the memory of a veteran’s military service to his or her country. VA will furnish a burial flag for memorialization for each other than dishonorable discharged.

Post Offices or funeral homes who need more flags to keep on hand can contact their local VA regional office. In North Dakota contact the VA Health Car Systems Inventory management Supervisor 701-239-3700 ext. 9-3333.

National Cemetery burial benefits available include a gravesite in any of the 131 national cemeteries with available space, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, a Government headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, at no cost to the family. Some veterans may also be eligible for Burial Allowances. Cremated remains are buried or inurned in national cemeteries in the same manner and with the same honors as casketed remains.

Burial benefits available for veterans buried in a private cemetery include a Government headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, at no cost to the family. Some veterans may also be eligible for Burial Allowances. There are no benefits available to spouses and dependents buried in a private cemetery.

ND Army National Guard Military Funeral Honors Program Information and Stipend Process


The Authorized Partnership Provider Program (AP3) provides an opportunity for the North Dakota Army National Guard to maintain partnerships and compensate Veteran Service Organizations who augment the uniform members of a Military Funeral Honors detail for the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Army Air Corp/Army Air Force funerals. 

Provide professional Military Funeral Honors to eligible veterans when requested by an authorized family member.

The Rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation's deep gratitude to those who have faithfully defended our country in time of war and peace. The ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration that a grateful nation can provide to a veteran's family.

Learn more: https://mfh.dmdc.osd.mil/mfh/

As authorized by NDCC 39-04-10.14: North Dakota Gold Star number plates - Definition - Description - Fee

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone or marker for the unmarked grave of any deceased eligible Veteran in any cemetery around the world, regardless of their date of death.

VA Unclaimed Veteran Remains Casket or Unrn Reimbursement Program

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will reimburse for the purchase of a casket or urn used to inter a deceased, Unclaimed Veteran in a VA national cemetery or a VA-funded State or Tribal Veterans' cemetery if the Veteran died with no identifiable next of kin and insufficient resources to pay for a casket or urn.

United States Merchant Mariners who served in ocean going service during December 7, 1941, to December 31, 1946, are considered "active duty" under the provisions of Public Laws 95-202 and 105-368.

Information on how to obtain a DD214

Request DD214 from US Coast Guard 



As per ND Century Code 37-18-15 the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs is to "confer a commemorative memorial coin upon a family member of a deceased North Dkaota veteran during military funeral honors". 

The single coin confered upon a family member will be at no cost to the family.

Funeral Honor details will obtain coin from the Funeral Director and present to family immediately following US Flag presentation.

Dedicated to the men and women who have served this State and Nation with unequaled distinction and honor. The State of North Dakota, in tribute to the devotion shown by our veterans in defense of the ideals and values we hold so precious, honors them by providing a location where they may find eternal peace in a setting rich with military history and quiet dignity.

National VA run Cemetery

Veteran's can submit requests for pre-determination of eligibility for burial in a VA run National Cemetery. Once approved the Veteran will receive a letter stating eligibility. This will make burial arrangements easier for the family to process. Veterans cannot request a specific spot or plot in any National Cemetery, this letter is used to ensure the veteran that they are eligible for interment in any National Cemetery that is open for burial. 

A Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is an engraved paper certificate, signed by the current President, to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased Veterans.

Eligibility: Eligible recipients include the next of kin and loved ones of honorably discharged deceased Veterans. More than one certificate may be provided.  Presidential Memorial Certificate Request form 40-0247 (pdf)

*Expect 6-8 weeks to receive certificates.

TAPS offers a wonderful network of trained professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that grief doesn’t follow a normal ‘business day’ schedule and we will answer your call anytime for help or information and spend as much time as necessary to help you. Whether during the day or at night, when grief can make for sleepless nights, you can call us at 1-800-959-8277. We are here for you!

Discharge Requests

Most Veteran’s benefits require that applicants provide a copy of their Form DD 214 or discharge record, which is evidence of their veteran status. This is an important document and must be safeguarded. In the State of North Dakota separation documents are considered confidential and privileged NDCC 37-18-11 (13). National Guard members may receive a NGB22 and /or NGB23 upon obtaining 20 years of satisfactory service (20 year letter).