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Financial Literacy Month

Do you remember the days when people wrote a check for everything, or prior to that cash was used for purchases? Today it seems I seldom have cash on me, and rarely do we use checks. We have come to a time when it is all about online shopping or using debit or credit cards, creating ample ways to overspend.

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What to do with your tax refund?

The tax season is upon us. Every year, people ask what should I do with my tax refund? First, if you are expecting a tax refund remember that the government is not giving you a bonus, this is money you should have received all year. (you may want to check your withholdings for 2019)

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Credit Scores...What do they mean!?!

We all hear a lot about credit scores and checking our credit and increasing our credit score but what does this all mean!?! Many of us struggle as we try to understand what the “credit score stuff” really includes and why does it matter. Yet, we all know it is a deciding factor for financial institutions when determining if we will receive a credit card or a loan.

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Happy New Year!

I love the start of a new year and the opportunities it brings. I am not one for resolutions, but certainly, use this time of year to assess. We all know nothing changes if nothing changes. Financial changes require goals, family discussion, and organization. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the new year.

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It’s that time of year again, Christmas! A time to focus on our fellow man, our family and The Child given to us in a manger. Or is it? Too many it’s a time to spend, spend, spend.

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