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Potato Program, Greenhouse, Field Inspection, Harvesting
Potato Program

The North Dakota State Seed Department (NDSSD) is the state’s designated authority for certification of seed potatoes. NDSSD Potato Programs provide inspections of potatoes and other vegetable crops.

The Potato Program administers services associated with the production of high quality seed and commercial potatoes in North Dakota. Potato Programs staff work with multiple entities in the process of providing North Dakota’s seed industry with the following services:

The production and handling of certified seed is a function of, and in the control of, seed growers. The North Dakota State Legislature has provided a warranty statement that covers the actions of the Seed Department Potato Program as a regulatory agency. Chapter 74-04-01-03 of Administrative Code reads:

Exclusion of warranty and limitation of remedy. Seed potatoes certifed in accordance with this chapter have been field and grade inspected as specifed in this chapter. The state seed department and the inspection service function and serve only in an official regulatory manner and do not relieve the grower or owner of the grower’s or owner’s responsibility. Neither the producer, the seller, the North Dakota seed commission, the seed commissioner, or the commissioner’s employees make any warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied, as to the quantity or quality of the crop produced from certifed seed, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or absence of disease, or varietal or selection identity. The only representation is that the seed potatoes were produced, graded, packed, and inspected under the seed certication rules and regulations of the North Dakota State Seed Department.
History: Amended effective December 1, 1981; July 1, 2007; July 1, 2011
General Authority: NDCC 4.1-55-12
Law Implemented: NDCC 4.1-55-12

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