Teamwork: The Path to Enhanced Productivity

Every day, you play a vital role as a member of a team. When you are involved in multiple projects, meet deadlines, achieve objectives, you are functioning as a team member with co-workers or with individuals outside of your agency. In this training session, you can learn how to function more effectively as a member of a team and how rewarding the experience can help you face the challenge of “how to do more with less.”

This ‘teamwork’ training is an all-day session, and each participant will learn how FUN it is to work as a group when compared to working all alone.  It’s synergistic!

Participants will learn how to function more effectively as a team member by gaining an understanding of:

  • Advantages of teams over individuals;
  • Benefits derived from effective teamwork;
  • Consequences of poor teamwork;
  • Effective communication that makes your team more successful;
  • Recognize and respect others style of communicating;
  • Listening more effectively, and adapt your style to make your team more successful;
  • Analyze and solve problems as a team using a structured brainstorming/consensus-building process;
  • Importance of each individual on the team;
  • Establishing ground rules to guide your team and make your team more successful.

Cost:  $30