Supervisory Management Program

2 Courses: Supervisory Management I and Supervisory Management II

Our supervisory management training program continues to be one of our most popular programs and is designed exclusively for state government, focusing on the needs of state government and experiences of state government employees. All of the written materials and video case studies depict public sector organizational life and the issues and problems faced by state government managers. This program is designed to give the first-time supervisor the skills needed to work effectively with employees and to enhance the skills of the more experienced manager.

Supervisory Management I - 2.5 days

Communicating Effectively (Part I) - "One skill continues to underlie all others for government employees at every level: the ability to communicate effectively in group environments. Without it, all other functions suffer."

  • Identify current communication strengths and improvement opportunities by completing the communication Style Diagnostic Instrument
  • Recognize and use appropriate skills to overcome barriers to communication
  • Use active listening skills to strengthen working relationships and increase understanding
  • Understand and use questioning techniques to act on employee concerns and demonstrate empathy
  • Use communication techniques that communicate facts and ask for desired results
  • Recognize the different communication styles and respond to each style

Managing Conflict (Part I) - "As government agencies strive to increase efficiency and quality, managers and supervisors will need to possess a key interpersonal skill - effective handling of inevitable conflict situations."

  • Identify and analyze the interpersonal and situational factors that create obstacles to achieving a high level of performance and cause unproductive conflict
  • Establish a climate that results in resolution
  • Assess your effectiveness in resolving conflicts and performance problems and in creating a productive climate
  • Identify specific steps you can take to improve performance

Cost: $200


Supervisory Management II – 2 days

Developing People (Part II) - "Bringing out the best in employees is the most powerful and available resource for managers and supervisors - the readiest way to 'do more with less."

  • Conduct development review meetings that will enable you to reach agreement with your employees on their strengths and the opportunities they have to increase their effectiveness
  • Deal with unsatisfactory work habits before they require disciplinary action
  • Involve employees in an interactive process to improve performance and maintain self-esteem
  • Improve work habits by obtaining commitments, developing an action plan, and monitoring progress

Performance Management (Part II) - "An integrated performance management system can make the difference between an organization that merely survives and an organization that prospers."

  • Establish applicable work standards
  • Delegate responsibility and monitor employee performance
  • Establish mutual goals
  • Differentiate between evaluation and development
  • Have an effective performance appraisal meeting

Management Practices Survey (Part II) - "The survey has been very well received by participants in state agencies around the nation."

  • Measures employee perceptions of how their manager's practices and organization's practices are influencing performance.
  • Assesses practices within six critical dimensions of management effectiveness: Performance Expectations, Effective Authority, Teamwork, Performance Evaluation, Rewards and Recognition, Responsibility, and Results.

Cost:  $200


$200 per class or $400 total (plus travel expenses if trainers travel outside of Bismarck)

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