Stress and Time Management

Dragons - Stress and Time Management

In today's world, stress is daily concern, and there’s never enough time to fix everything. So, what do you do? Everyone agrees that we can only try our best to filter out the fluff and focus on what is ultimately necessary to do our jobs. This training session helps you focus on:

  • The various effects change has on your life;
  • ​Identify new ways of coping;
  • Recognize the symptoms of stress;
  • Identify ways to reduce stress;
  • Create a stress reduction plan.

We only have 24 hours - usually a few hours less than we need. Time (actually, time mismanagement) is a major cause of problems for more than 80 percent of employees in organizations. Doing more with less creates many stressful demands on our time, and developing time management skills will reduce our stress and help us become more productive. The second-half of the training will focus on:

  • Time as a resource;
  • ​Symptoms of time mismanagement;
  • Learn the 'Golden Rules' of time management;
  • Learn to juggle multiple priorities;
  • Determine your time style; and
  • Develop a time log.

Cost:  $30