Management Program

2 Courses: Management in Action I and Management in Action II

The management program is designed to be useful for both first-time and experienced managers. It is designed around the unique challenges encountered in state government. The goal of this program is to work through the various facets of managing and leading a team to success. These sessions focus on discussion and practice, providing practical information and tools. 

Management in Action I - 2 days

Communicating Effectively: One skill continues to underlie all others for government employees at every level--the ability to communicate effectively in group environments. Without effective communications, all other functions suffer.

  • Identify your personality temperament using real colors.
  • Learn how to identify the temperament of your team members.
  • Understand how to communicate to members of your team that have different temperaments.
  • Recognize and use appropriate skills to overcome barriers to communication.
  • Use active listening skills to strengthen working relationships and increase understanding.
  • Understand and use questioning techniques to act on employee concerns and demonstrate empathy.

Managing Conflict: As government agencies strive to increase efficiency and quality, managers and supervisors will need to possess a key interpersonal skill--effective handling of inevitable conflict situations.

  • Understand the five conflict handling modes.
  • Identify when each mode should be used.
  • Identify and analyze the interpersonal and situational factors that create obstacles to achieving a high level of performance and cause unproductive conflict.
  • Establish a climate that results in resolution.
  • Assess your effectiveness in resolving conflicts and performance problems and in creating a productive climate.
  • Identify specific steps you can take to improve your performance.

Motivation: Understanding what intrinsically motivates staff.

  • Understand what motivation is.
  • Understand what employees really want.

Cost: $175


Management in Action II – 2 days

Coaching: Coaching is one of the most powerful tools in the manager’s arsenal. 

  • Define coaching and how this role is used in management.
  • Understand the difference between coaching and feedback.
  • Examine the GROW model of coaching.

Developing your Employees

  • Understand the performance cycle.
  • Use the development review model.
  • Set expectations for new employees and existing staff.
  • Set effective individual and team goals.
  • Work with employees to continue their growth.

Cost:  $175


$175 per class or $350 total (plus travel expenses if trainers travel outside of Bismarck)

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Upcoming Training

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