Harassment and Bullying - Against the Law or Just Against What's Right?

Harassing someone based on their race, age, disability, national origin, race, sex or color is illegal and is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the ND Human Rights Act. Bullying can also turn into harassment. Thus, managers and supervisors need to be aware of their responsibility in stopping and preventing harassment and bullying. And employees need to know how they are protected if they are harassed or bullied.

  • What constitutes harassment and bullying
  • Different forms of harassment and bullying
  • What to do if you are harassed
  • Steps managers should take to avoid charges of harassment
  • Action to take when investigating a claim of harassment
  • What is bullying
  • Define different types of bullies
  • How bullying affects the individual and workplace
  • What protection do you have if you are bullied

Cost:  $15


Harassment in the Workplace

This web-based video is accessible through ELM. The goal of eliminating harassment in the workplace must begin with prevention. As North Dakota State employees we have a responsibility to prevent harassment from occurring. To accomplish the goal, Human Resource Management Services, in cooperation with the Risk Management Division has developed an online training video. This online training video will increase your awareness and provide you with the skills and motivation you need to better address the issues of harassment. It will give you examples of what needs to be done, and what approaches and techniques can be used to prevent harassment in the workplace. 30 minutes.

Cost: $0


Supervisors Guide to Responding to Allegations

This PowerPoint presentation will provide managers the tools to properly respond to allegations of Harassment, Workplace Violence, or Discrimination.

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Upcoming Training

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