ErgoKnow Ergonomics

ErgoKnow is a set of online ergonomic training and assessment tools for state employees. ErgoKnow contains training video demonstrations and other "hands on" tools that can be used to improve both an understanding of ergonomics and how to apply it. These resources were developed with the assistance of a team of physical therapists with expertise in ergonomics and work-related musculoskeletal disorders. All North Dakota state employees are urged to periodically review these resources and evaluate and adjust their work environment as needed to avoid injury and make their overall work environment more comfortable.

Office Ergonomics

Some of the most common workplace injuries are due to improper ergonomics in the office. Use the videos in this training series to conduct your own office ergonomic assessment and keep your workplace healthy.

Driving Ergonomics

The purpose of this video is to teach employees how to adjust state vehicles to the proper ergonomic position. The video also covers the topics of pre-trip preparation and defensive driving tactics.

Back Safety

Injuries from improper lifting can have many causes. These include improper technique, lifting too heavy, uneven load distribution, falling debris, tripping, in other words poor planning. This training series will assist employees in avoiding back injuries.


These videos are intended to guide you in a self assessment of the ergonomic design of your computer workstation. A workstation that is properly set can aid in more comfort, higher productivity, and a general sense of well-being. This information has been modified with permission from SAIF Corporation.

Assessment Tools

The following assessment tools will assist in setting up your workstation properly.

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Upcoming Training

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